BaseLok FabGrid

A combination of two proven technologies: punched and drawn geogrid and non-woven geotextile fabric.


When used in conjunction, these two products offer a new tool in the fight against weak soils. Designing engineers are increasingly utilizing non-woven geotextiles in combination with geogrid to eliminate the migration of fines into the aggregate base layers. In one easy deployment, FabGrid™ provides separation, reinforcement, filtration and confinement.


The high tech bonding of two proven geosynthetics is known as a composite geogrid. It offers the confinement properties of geogrid and the filtration/separation properties of a non-woven geotextile fabric to provide the designing engineer a new tool in the arsenal to fight weak soils. Designers are increasingly faced with less than desirable subgrades for construction. Many times, these subgrades have a high fines content, making a non-woven geotextile a must. Additionally, engineers are faced with building over unknown fill types or possibly contaminated soils. FabGrid™ offers an economical method to bridge over these problematic soils in one expedient installation.

The "Snowshoe Effect"

Based on distribution of force, FabGrid™ creates a matrix of geogrid and aggregate to distribute heavy loads over softer subgrades.

  • Multi-Purpose

    Allows aggregate separation, filtration, and stabilization

  • Cost-Effective

    Save time and money with optimal structural thickness

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Safe and permanent alternative to chemical stabilization agents

  • Efficient and Easy

    Save yourself the trouble of installing a separate geogrid and geotextile – reduce labor and time by deploying a single layer of BaseLok™ FabGrid™

  • rolling out FabGrid
  • FabGrid with train
  • FabGrid closeup
  • pouring aggregate on FabGrid
  • spreading aggregate over FabGrid
  • dozer on FabGrid