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GreenSolutions® Zarzos de paja

GreenSolutions® Erosion Control Logs, commonly called wattles, are a very effective sediment control measure. Available in a variety of sizes - 9", 12" and 18", with additional diameters available for more severe applications. Erosion Control Logs are contained by a photodegradable netting which is designed to last at least two construction seasons.

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GreenSolutions® Zarzos de madera

GreenSolutions® Wood Wattles are high strength, three dimensional organic filter tubes filled with biodegradable wood and recycled compost mulch. The high strength tubular design allows for installation and removal and reuse. They are designed to provide a superior BMP product, that allows for filtering and removal of sediment and pollutants. These wattles are used on projects where high risk erosion, filtering stormwater runoff or diversion of runoff is desired. GreenSolutions® Wood Wattles are ideal for use on pipeline right of ways, Wind Farms and Oil & Gas locations where livestock might otherwise destroy straw wattles. This product is very heavy duty and will stand up to rigorous field conditions and livestock.

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Bolsas de filtro

Custom sized geotextile filter bags used for removing slurry and sediment from water at construction sites. When fully dewatered, its contents can be disposed of as solid waste - an economical alternative to waste water or sludge disposal. This saves time and money in haul away charges. Contents can also be recycled back into your project, eliminating disposal costs.

Protector de drenaje ultra

Un tejido geotextil de fácil instalación diseñado para filtrar los desechos de aguas pluviales antes de que se convierta en un problema en el sistema de agua. Elimina contaminantes como basura, arena y aceite del flujo de aguas pluviales.

Erosion Eelsion

An environmentally friendly, low-impact erosion and sediment control device. Reusable within a project and can be moved to other project sites. Manufactured with a high flow / high strength outer filter sleeve encasing 100% shredded tire filter media. Can be used to replace silt fence, rock check dams, and temporary diversion berms. It may be placed over multiple surfaces and installs quickly and easily - no trenching required! The durability and reusability makes it a cost-effective BMP compared to other options.

Descripción Peso Por palet
9.5" dia. x 10' L 150 libras 14
9.5" dia. x 4.5' L 40 libras 28
*Custom diameters from 12" to 20" are available.
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4' Inlet Protector

Filtra la escorrentía de aguas pluviales a medida que fluye hacia una entrada de acera. Detiene sedimentos y escombros al filtrar agua a través de un geotextil de monofilamento tejido. La tela está unida a un marco en forma de L que se encuentra en la parte superior de la entrada de la acera. Se quita fácilmente para limpiar escombros y evitar obstrucciones.