Silt Fences

Silt Fence is an erosion and sediment control barrier used on construction sites, work ares and other locations with high levels of displaced sediment. It works to accommodate the requirements of different states and projects. Fencing materials are available in different fabric options.

Pre-Assembled Wire Back Silt Fence

The wire back silt fence is a high strength barrier designed to help contain sediment and silt around construction sites, road work, and other job locations. Wire backed fencing features the design of the standard silt control fence, but adds a wire backing for additional strength and longer duration.

Pre-Assembled Silt Fence on Wood Stakes

Woven filter fabric that is attached to wood stakes for quick and easy installation.

Silt Fence Fabric Only on a Core

Our most premium silt fence, the 2098 R USACE is made with monofilament yarns with a much higher tensile strength than others. Also features much better water flow properties.

Field Fence

Woven high tensile galvanize coated wire fence. Used for:

  • Livestock fencing and confinement
  • Crop and grassland protection
  • Silt Fence backing
Item # Description Rolls/pallet
SF210 47" x 330' 14.5 GA 9 1047/6/14
SF217 39" x 330' 14.5 GA 9 939/6/14
SF211 32" x 330' 14.5 GA 9 832/6/14

Metal T-Posts

Build a durable, quality fence in no time with this studded T-Post. Rugged and easy to drive into any terrain, this T-Post is suitable for both agricultural and lawn and garden fencing. Available in bundles or singles.

Item # Description lbs/ft
SF424 4' Metal T-Posts .85 / .95
SF442 5' Metal T-Posts .85 / .95
SF463 6' Metal T-Posts .85 / .95
SF482 7' Metal T-Posts 1.33
*Other sizes available upon request.

Hardwood Stakes

100% Hardwood posts with pencil point for easiest installation. Can be used to assemble your own silt fence, stake hay bales, or for perimeter markers. Available in bundles or singles.


Cable Ties

All-purpose tie used for bundling and organizing.