Temporary Erosion Control Solutions

Temporary construction erosion and sediment control limits the amount of sediment that is carried into lakes, streams and rivers by storm water runoff. Sediment carries nutrients and pollutants that degrade water resources and harm aquatic wildlife. Proper planning of construction site activities greatly reduces the impact of soil disturbance activities on nearby resources, diminishes the need for costly restorations, and lessens negative impacts to local water resources and natural areas.

GreenSolutions® Erosion Control Blankets

GreenSolutions® Erosion Control Blankets are superior to hydroseeding. Uses include:

  • When the growing season is short and plants cannot stabilize the slope quickly
  • High altitudes
  • Where major storms are a frequent occurrence.

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GreenSolutions® Straw Wattles

GreenSolutions® Erosion Control Logs, commonly called wattles, are a very effective sediment control measure. Available in a variety of sizes - 9", 12" and 18", with additional diameters are available for more severe applications. Erosion Control Logs are contained by a photodegradable netting which is designed to last at least two construction seasons.

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Hydraulically Applied Mulches

Sprayed grass seeding is a great alternative to sod for erosion control, steep hill slopes, and commercial and residential landscaping. Holds soil in place more effectively than 100% paper mulch and discarded waste wood mulch. When mixed with seed and fertilizer, the mulch forms a homogeneous slurry that ensures an evenly distributed stand of grass.

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Jute Mesh

A coarse open biodegradable coir material that keeps soil in place until plant material roots and takes hold.