Permeable Erosion Control

Water is a powerful natural force and flowing water from rainfall or even irrigation can cause a number of problems. Both the environmental and monetary cost of erosion can be massive. This is why careful consideration must be given to the materials used in landscaping and the installation of proper drainage systems from the beginning of the project.

ScourGuard Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM)

ScourGuard™ Grass Reinforcement Mesh is an extruded polyethylene mesh designed to reinforce and strengthen grassy areas. The use of ScourGuard™ ranges from parking lots to bank stabilization. Available in various thicknesses to meet your specific project needs, ScourGuard™ is the GREEN alternative to more expensive methods of stabilizing turf.

ShoreFlex® Concrete Rolled Mat

ShoreFlex® eliminates unsightly riprap and non-uniform poured in place concrete. This concrete rolled mat is a permanent erosion prevention system that can be installed to shield channel side slopes and beds, pipe and culvert inlets/outlets, shoreline and almost any place you may have hydraulic erosion protection needs.

ShoreFlex® benefits for ditch applications:

  • Grows green - environmentally friendly
  • Easy install
  • Easy maintenance, capable of being mowed
  • Multiple erosion control uses: roadside, canal and ditch lining, landfills, let downs and more
  • Performs better than rock

ShoreFlex Website Case Studies

Shoretec® Articulated Concrete Block

Shoretec® offers the most durable, effective and environmentally-friendly erosion control revetment methods for fighting severe erosion problems. Whether you are an engineer, architect, designer, or contractor there are projects which require hard-armor revetment systems to prevent erosion of soils and sub grades. Shoretec® is a leader in the design and manufacture of these systems. Our articulated concrete block (ACB) system is durable, aesthetic and an environmentally compatible solution at a cost savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional hard armor methods. On sites where access is difficult or where the installation is of an irregular shape, Shoretec® offers an attractive and economical solution.

ShoreTec Website

BaseLok™ GeoCell Channel Protection

BaseLok™ GeoCell can be installed on slopes as steep as 60 degrees and on channels with flow velocities greater than 25 ft/s (7.6 m/s), depending on infill material. Angular rock is used for velocities up to 10 ft/s (3 m/s), vegetated soil up to 20 ft/s (6 m/s) and concrete for velocities greater than 20 ft/s (6 m/s).

BaseLok™ Geocell

BaseLok™ GeoCell Slope Reinforcement

On slope applications, BaseLok™ GeoCell can be filled with angular rock, concrete or with vegetated soil. The cells confine the infill material, creating a stable layer protecting the slope from erosion. GeoCell is a flexible system that will contour to the subgrade of a slope, reducing preparation time. When filled with vegetated soil or rock, the system is permeable - reducing water runoff.

BaseLok™ Geocell