Sandbags & Totes

Let us take care of your filled sandbag needs. We can fill over 10,000 per day.


Filling large quantities of sand bags can be a logistical nightmare - sourcing bags, trucking, arranging for bulk sand, finding a dry place to fill the sand bags and labor just to mention a few. With prepositioned truckload inventory we are capable of supplying filled sandbags on short notice. All filled sandbags contain an average of 35-40 lbs of fill sand and are packed 63 per tote. Each tote contains lifting straps for ease of unloading and has a pull string duffle top to protect the sand from getting wet.

  • 14"x 26"
  • Woven polypropylene made from circular woven tapes
  • Heavy-Duty tie string attached for easy closing
  • 1600 hours UVI rating
  • 35-40 lbs of sand per bag
  • 63 bags per tote
  • 18-20 totes per truckload
  • 1134 - 1260 bags per truckload


Our totes can hold 63 sandbags, or the tote can be filled directly with sand.